The Best Sandwich in Jaco: Wishbone Restaurant’s Famous Pita

Skiing at Ruka

Bags that are not usually lost due to human mistakes are delayed at arrival due to airline processing, especially because of handlers who switch luggage during flights. Such bags are generally temporarily lost and can be recovered after notifying the airline staff.


O Grelo (Monforte de Lemos)

Lucio still supervises the staff and kitchen, which is why you can expect fantastic food when you dine at Casa Lucio. You will find businessmen, lunching ladies, and tourists dining at this renowned Madrid landmark any day of the week. Be sure to order the dish that Casa Lucio is known for, the eggs! They come prepared in a variety of ways and usually are served over hand-cut potato fries. Across the street you will find Taberna los Huevos de Lucio, another one of Lucio’s restaurants that serves his famous egg dishes, various types of tapas and an extensive selection of wine. Casa Lucio is closed during August and Saturdays for lunch. Dinner reservations are highly recommended.

Doge’s Palace

In Shyambazar, you must try the slow-cooked mutton with paratha and onion. The meat is so tender and buttery, it practically falls apart in your mouth. While it’s only slightly peppery and not full-on spicy, it’s still bursting with flavor. You can tell the flavors have been cooking into it for hours. The slow-cooking process made this one of my favorite mutton dishes of all-time.


Enjoy the Best of Malta’s Food

The Grand Canyon is one of the most magnificent sites of the world. It is one of the “Seven Natural Wonders,” slicing 277 miles through high desert and forests of Northern Arizona. From east to west, the canyon reveals indescribable mauve and lavender-painted canyon lands. The Grand Canyon yawns a full mile deep and 18 miles wide. More than four million people visit the Grand Canyon every year. Most visit the easy-to-reach campgrounds or lodges at Grand Canyon’s central and eastern regions. A trip to the west of the Grand Canyon takes adventurous travelers off the common path. Only those hikers prepared for teetering rises and falls of the canyon should travel down the dusty roads that lead to Havasu Falls, also known as Havasupai.


Treat Yourself to a Gourmet Meal at Harborne Kitchen

Aarstova: My wife is Greek, so I don’t say this lightly: Aarstova makes the best leg of lamb I’ve had in my life! It is no wonder why it is so fresh: sheep outnumber people here two to one so there is plenty in supply. Aarstova has mastered the art of slow cooking its lamb so the meat literally falls off the bone when you cut into it. Set in a quaint turf-roof house in Tórshavn, Aarstova is reminiscent of a hobbit dwelling. Five-course tasting menus run about $100 per person, but the hearty meal will have you yearning for more. Highlights include langoustine bisque and the epic leg of lamb served with potatoes and vegetables. Reservations are a must.


Visit the Schönbrunn Palace

Ok, so travel insurance won’t actually help keep you healthy as you travel. But it is so fundamentally important to have cover in case you do fall ill and need medical assistance while you are abroad that it is worth starting with.

Lazaruvane: St. Lazar’s Day in Etara, Gabrovo region

The shrimp and grilled watermelon salad with jalapeños is a spicy and refreshing starter, and for your entrée, you can’t go wrong with either their famous burger or fried chicken sandwich with a mixed green salad on the side. Their inventive desserts, which include a chocolate layer cake with ganache-style layers, spearmint ice cream, fried huckleberry hand pies, corn mousse, and pistachio crisp, are all heavenly and the perfect way to cap off a wonderful lunch!

Visit Ortspitze, Where Three Rivers Meet

If you’ve been subscribed to me on YouTube or followed me on any of my social media platforms for any length of time, you probably know that I am a huge beer enthusiast. I have loved beer my entire adult life and I never miss an opportunity to visit breweries all over the world, try their craft beers, and tour their facilities to see how they are made. I also like to buy some of their beers so I can kick back and enjoy them at home.

Bo Sang Umbrella Village

A night of unparalleled entertainment is guaranteed when dining at El Café de la Opera (Calle Arrieta, 6). This is where you will get una cena cantada, literally meaning a “sung dinner.” I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a restaurant such as this. Upon arriving, the four singers, who double as waiters, introduce themselves to you.

10) Trondheim

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