Volcanic Lakes: El Salvador’s Coatepeque

Bo Sang Umbrella Village

I have been traveling my entire life thanks but seeking to earn an income from it and which makes it a lifestyle choice only goes back to around 2012. Beforehand, all of my trips were self-financed by functioning even while attending college fulltime, and taking off to traveling during the winter break and during the summer for approximately three months.

Dine on Turkish Cuisine in Istanbul

I want everyone to be able to travel more, and better, and I love helping them do that. I want people to have the best trips of their lives, every single trip they take with Jetset Christina’s recommendations. Nothing makes me happier than the DM’s on instagram I receive with pictures from followers’ trips, telling me how they went to a certain hotel, restaurant, or on a certain tour because of me and how much they loved it.


History of Wine in Moldova

I miss furbaby and my fiancé much to leave for extended stretches all the time like I used to, although I still love long trips from time-to-time.

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