A Visit to the Ancient Kingdom of Ayutthaya

El Escorial

Roman theater – it is a reconstruction of the original theater, and today is a scene for summer events and houses the National Archaeological Museum;

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If you’re looking for beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas and quaint seaside houses then Cornwall is the place for you. Cornwall is a sleepy town during the winter months that comes to life as soon as the sun starts to shine. In the extreme south west of the UK, the area enjoys some of the best weather in the country so is popular for family holidays.


What to do– Our favorite part of every trip is finding out all the cool things a destination has to offer in terms of β€œto dos.”


Experience Exceptional Food

Myself. I prefer to travel solo as I can also work in the evenings and no one is bothering me. But I also enjoy shorter trips with my best girl friend, and my parents.


Why was filming Uluru such a challenge?

Gosh, I really don’t know how to answer that. Every person is different and every illness is different. However the one piece of advice I’ll give to anyone who has serious health concerns is to make sure you purchase a travel insurance policy that includes medical evacuation in the event of an emergency.


Doge’s Palace, Venice

The First Bulgarian Empire was eventually conquered and absorbed into the Byzantine Empire. In 1396 the Ottoman Empire subjugated Bulgaria. The country remained under Ottoman domination until 1700. In 1878 Bulgaria was liberated and once again became an independent state. Bulgaria became part of the European Union in 2007.


The Lake District

We then flew from Chiang Rai to Phuket island, where we spent four nights before stopping in the beautiful island of Koh Lanta for another four nights.

Celebrations in Malta

I was recently introduced to Keen Footwear, an innovative company that focuses on practicality and design. Keen Footwear is especially great for outdoorsy travelers. I tested out their UNEEK water shoes during a day of running around and taking care of my pet tortoises. The verdict: they are durable, comfortable, and perfect for rainy days or muddy terrain.

Where to Stay

I asked around for the best roti restaurant at Rodney Bay, and That I was referred to Prudee’s House of Roti.For just $10, my wife and I had a meal of chicken and steak roti. Get, if your plan is to find a few from Prudee’s. Once they sell out, the restaurant closes for the day, and that could at times be too early as 12 p.m.!

An Incredible Adventure

While traveling, you may have come across a situation where your bags are lost. Although it is not common, every passenger has to face this difficult situation once in their lifetime. Therefore, you must be aware of the things to do in case you lose your luggage at an airport. More importantly, you need to consider the key aspects in order to keep your luggage safe and secure, so you don’t have to fret over searching for it.

Eat Lamb Hot Pot in the Beijing Lamp Restaurant

I love exploring markets in different countries because they give you a real feel for local life and culture. They’re great places to people watch and you gain a lot of insight about the country you’re visiting.

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