Costa Rica Beaches: the Playa Espandilla of Manuel Antonio

Eat German at Wirtshaus Bayerischer Lowe

But traveler’s diarrhea can also be caused by eating food that is prepared in unsanitary conditions, like many street foods. While sanitary practices like hand-washing can dramatically reduce the risk of passing pathogens on to others while handling foods, the manner in which food is handled and prepared is often outside your control.

Bonus: Visit the Naschmarkt

*LIMITED EDITION: this is a limited edition beer produced around Christmas time. It is essentially a Suprema spin-off that has a cherry taste, more sweet and with a higher alcohol content. It is only sold in stores from December to March. It costs about $1.40 in supermarkets, which is the only place they’re sold.

A Historical Tour to War Remnants Museum

We got stuck many times, but after four minutes and one hour, we reached the street. We decided to head straight to Paramaribo instead of the stops and changed our plans we’d initially intended. We stopped at a store, where I was able to get some community insect repellent because I was out of OFF! Deep Woods.


Visit the Monastery of Sveti Naum and Black Drim Springs

The 10 street food dishes you have to consume from Jaipur, India is a varied selection of exceptional recipes. Whether you decide to eat veg (vegetarian), non-veg (meat dishes), or a little of them, your taste buds will be in for a treat, as unique taste combinations, contrasting textures, and dozens or even hundreds of spices per dish wash on your palette and also deliver you in Indian culinary heaven.


8. Shewula Mountain Camp

To see the artifacts excavated from Felix Romuliana, David suggests driving an extra 15 minutes to the Museum of Zaje?ar in the town by the same name. It holds an impressive collection of mosaics, statues including a bust of Emperor Galerius, Roman coins, and aerial photography of the site.


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