Things to See and Do in Canakkale, Turkey

Paco & Lola 2010 Albariño fro Rias Baixas

While in Manchester you can’t miss a walk along Curry Mile, an 800 meter stretch of curry restaurants and Indian stores that come to life after midnight.


If you find yourself in the Dawki region, don’t miss out on Shnongpdeng and Mawlynnong. They are equally hidden gems that are easily!



Ever since I was a baby, I was curious about the world around me. According to my parents, I spent my youth as a filth-covered nudist, shirking clothing in favor of playing outdoors in the buff. While I haven’t retained the nudist streak, I do still count curiosity as one of my favorite traits.

2. You’ll have to pay more.

My wife and I visited the city in 2013 as part of a 22-day road trip around Bulgaria and found several incredible sights that were worth our time and created a memorable visit, as well as some fantastic options for sampling some true Bulgarian and Balkan cuisine. Here are some of the areas top things to do in Varna that you shouldn’t miss on your trip!

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

The best of them is that the Madaba Mosaic Map in the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church — it comprises more than two million hands cut stone and is the Holy Land’s earliest map.  It once covered the whole floor but only a part of it stinks. Worthwhile mosaics to visit include at the Archaeological Museum and the Church of the Virgin and the Apostles.

The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

We are Graeme and Theodora. One day, while we ran a successful Interior Design and Project Management company in the UK, we dared to ask ourselves “what is our wildest dream?”


Take a Carriage Ride

Milestii Mici was founded in 1969 to store, preserve and mature high-quality wines. The cellars are comprised of 70% red, 20% white and 10% dessert wines.


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