The Heart of Prague: Old Town Square

Get the Three-Course Lunch in Capital M

Charlie’s Inn serves food family-style- the portions are generous and are meant to be shared. Top off your rabbit with a bottle of Merlot and make yourself at home. Charlie’s Inn is about a 25-minute drive from Valletta.

Get the Three-Course Lunch in Capital M

1. Mejillones (Mussels)

The backstreets of Harajuku are filled with funky shops selling Little Bo Peep style dresses, colorful booths offering sweet and savory crepes, and relaxed cafes. Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori is overrun with teen fashionistas sporting Tokyo’s latest fashion crazes like My Little Pony style and Lolita Goth. Past Takeshita Dori and deeper into Harajuku’s side streets are pleasant pedestrian friendly thoroughfares where you’ll find a calmer atmosphere with cool surfer vibe boutiques and charming cafes like the British Indian CafĂ©, look for the red exterior and green awning and go inside to enjoy Indian curry paired with exquisite tea.

Visit Tiananmen Square

You may think that this last tip is sad, but the truth is, snatching one inexpensive seat last minute is much more possible than booking two or more. But don’t despair just yet. You don’t necessarily have to be alone once you arrive at your destination. Allow a sizeable window for everyone to arrive and enjoy the trip with your favorite people.

Taste and Walking Tour

Spending a day or leisure weekend doing a Hunter Valley Wine Tour is the perfect getaway for wine enthusiasts. Whether you choose to get a budget car rental from Sydney, or join a small boutique group tour, you’ll want to soak it all in, which is why we suggest you plan ahead to maximize your time there.

Rwanda Facts and Travel Information

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What are some of the things I can do there?

The Fort Worth Zoo houses everything from primates, lions, cheetahs, flamingos and other exotic animals. You also get to see some of the most endangered reptiles and amphibians on the planet at the Museum of Living Art (MOLA). Lately, the zoo has gotten a lot of attention with its huge expansion and the birth of a baby chimpanzee, the first one since 1989.

What are some of the things I can do there?

Sevilla’s La Giralda

Go inside and behold the structure of cathedrals that this building employs. The ceiling has been adorned with decorations offering you a real anthology of painting in the XVIII century. From the cathedral can also be significant functions which you can behold like”la Deposizione” from Federico Barocci (1569) and”la Madonna delle Grazie” by G. Di Paolo.


Day Trips from Lisbon

The graves, that are surrounded by bars to protect them, are said to include the remains of a 16th-century Sufi saint’s followers. In the restaurant, a tree from the old graveyard stands in addition to the graves also develops throughout the ceiling!

4. Snorkeling and White Sand Beaches

Too many day spas tout themselves as the best in offering the services that they provide. Yet, they all cannot be telling the truth.

Humour Carnival in Gabrovo

The barber follows that up by twisting your arms, massaging your hands and hands, and finally, finishing up by getting your own shoulders and massaging. You’re feeling refreshed and so good after he is finished although it’s very extreme!

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