Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

1. Skip the Crowded Beaches

That is why I enjoy visiting with monitoring decks. They supply you with a completely different perspective.

5. Muros

Wow, tough one. I went to a gorgeous one in Karachi called Kolachi, on the waterfront, amazing

Standard Tour Itinerary

When you get caught up in the last minute and you don’t yet have a ‘perfect’ gift idea, the above should work for you. However, be keen to avoid buying them something they already have. If you think they have everything, then an experience gift like tinggly will do it for you.

Stop by the Drum & Bell Towers

Charlotte’s Rail Trail in the South End area is a vibrant public trail that winds through the very heart of the city and connects the Sedgefield, Southside Park, Brookhill, Dilworth, Wilmore, South End, and Uptown communities.

Stop by the Drum & Bell Towers

Sant Sadurni d’Anoia

The traveling obsession began. I was raised in a very global household with relatives scattered across continents. The languages that they spoke and also the stories of life within their lands always intrigued me. I think that it helped that my parents enjoyed travel and always took us children! By the time that I was in college, almost all of my savings were travelling on a strict budget going straight into traveling; just only one or two big trips a year, interacting with friends, and exploring new areas. It was not long after graduation which I also accepted a teaching job in Korea, and that’s where Sam and I met, and the rest is history!

Sant Sadurni d

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