Eating Street Food at Pinones

Your recent Facebook campaign video about traveling the world went viral. How do you manage to sustain a life of travel?

Check out What to See in Yala National Park

Ice Climbing

If you’re a first timer to Africa then I recommend Cape Town, Kruger Park and Victoria Falls in a 10-12 day package. If you want a discreet luxury experience I recommend The Okavango Delta in Botswana. If you want to see millions of animals and nature in its rawest form, I recommend Tanzania.

Ice Climbing

Come up with a title

Get your photograph taken with your favourite ‘celebrities’ amidst the lifelike waxworks. Learn about celebrities and noteworthy figure in themed rooms including A-List Party, Arts & Science, Music, Sports and History & World Leaders.


When you’ve not skied or snow boarded until they do have ski faculty where they may teach you the fundamentals. You can rent all of the equipment you’ll need here but I would suggest bringing pants.


Selecting an Air Pollution Mask for China

In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we catch up with Wade Holland, an adventure personality content creator, and travel explorer from Montana. We chat with Wade about what inspires him to travel, what makes Montana such a special place, the special reason he recently traveled to Scotland, and much more. Check out his tips on things to do in one of his favorite travel destinations and find out what his next adventure will be!

Selecting an Air Pollution Mask for China

Give us your Top 5 list for one of these destinations.

Greek cuisine has a long history and is known for its wide range of dishes, from tender grilled meats and zesty salads, to fresh fish and syrupy pastries. As the southernmost country in Europe, mainland Greece and the islands generally experience a Mediterranean climate ideal for farming and viticulture.

Go Underground to See the Paris Catacombs, the Final Resting Place of Millions

From its Venetian-style architecture to the stunning sun-drenched beaches, Budva is the destination of choice for over one million tourists each year.

Indulge in a Few Sports

That’s a tough one.  I’m big on comfort food so one of my favorites would have to be this little diner in Portrero Hill, San Francsico called Just for You.  I lived in San Francisco for a few years and I would go there for brunch on Sundays at least twice a month.   I would always order the same thing – Creole crab cakes with two fried eggs, home fries, toast, and a side of longganisa (Filipino sausage).  That platter of food was pure heaven.

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