The Best Restaurants in Dublin: Elephant & Castle

The Cartoon Museum

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling extensively, I’ve been to over 90 countries and I’ve experienced so many wonderful things. I’d say that probably the most exotic place I’ve ever been to is the Gobi desert in Mongolia. I remember very clearly: it was like 2 am in the morning, I was driving through the desert and I decided to stop and I looked up into the skies and I saw the most amazing sight. It was as if the stars had been Photoshopped, it was so beautiful. It wasn’t just beautiful on a mind level; it was beautiful on heart level, on a soul level. I’d have to say Mongolia because it just touched me in such a deep place.

Catch a Concert at Symphony Hall

India is famous for having some of their wealthiest and most unique sweets on the planet, along with also another candy you can locate on the streets of Jaipur, laddu, is no exception. This candy is constructed of a flour dough (chickpea, wheat, and coconut flour can be used), milk, and sugar rolled to a small ball about the size of a donut hole and fried in ghee. Some versions include raisins or nuts. They’re occasionally served in festive or religious occasions. It seems but is quite soft and can be coated in a syrup. It disturbs me a lot of a glazed donut! You’ll love laddu dhoodh if you enjoy donut holes or donuts!

Catch a Concert at Symphony Hall

Your top three favorite dishes?

This 279-square-mile nation, located just one degree north of the equator at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula, is packed with hundreds of thrilling, enlightening, and unique experiences that are sure to excite even the most well-versed travelers. For a varied and in-depth look at the ten things you must see and do while you’re there, be sure to continue reading. These are the top 10 things to do in Singapore.

Sant Sadurni d’Anoia

I’m a history buff so I would say the number one place to visit is Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. where Lincoln was assassinated. You can then go to the house where he actually died and you can go into the room and you can see the bed and it’s a very moving experience to see the history of America basically unfolding in front of your eyes.

Sant Sadurni d

Vila Viçosa

Planning a trip to Serbia? David’s Been Here presents all the top sites and best stays they uncovered during their travels around the country. In this video, David brings us to northern Serbia’s historic city of Novi Sad. If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Novi Sad, David highly recommends a stay at the Hotel Centar. It not only has the best location in the city (right in the heart of downtown Novi Sad), but also offers 49 spacious rooms, a wide range of amenities, a delicious buffet breakfast and excellent hospitality/customer service. A four-star hotel with an incredible exterior & interior design, Hotel Centar is the city’s premier place to stay… you won’t want to book anywhere else!

See How the Famous Murano Glass Is Made

Outside, there are long community tables that are aimed at bringing everyone together. There are no TVs, and therefore it brings back the old days to make you interact well with people and staff. While here, don’t forget to try their Gold-Medal winning beer, the Pop’s Porter.

Chanthaburi Fruit Festival

Known as the “Island of the Sponge divers,” Kalymnos has a long history with ties to the sea, but much to the delight of adrenaline junkies, things are changing for this small rocky island. Jagged cliffs once only suitable for grazing goats are now the island’s moneymakers.

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