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Slovenska Plaza is not actually a plaza at all, but Budva’s largest and most popular beach spanning about 5,000 feet. Framed by green hills on all sides and thatched umbrellas scattered along the shore, it is perfect for beach bums and children alike. Relax on Slovenska’s soft, sandy shore, and purchase a refreshing drink or a tasty snack from one of the beach vendors. If you need a break from the heat, wander Slovenska Plaza’s sidewalk which is lined with casual cafes, bars, and restaurants. I recommend choosing your lounge chair and umbrella before 11 a.m. to beat the crowds and gain an optimal people-watching vantage point.

Day Trips from Sigiriya

Red Beach’s name comes from its unique red color that is the result of volcanic activity. Because of its distinguished appearance, it is gaining popularity with tourists even though it features no amenities. Red Beach can be accessed via car, boat, bus, or on foot. When driving, be aware that there is a five to ten minute strip of undeveloped road that can be quite trying on rental vehicles!


Madrid’s Royal Palace

Last but not least David makes it to St. Sofia Church (“Sveta Sofia”). Built in the 6th century A.D. the St. Sofia Church is the second oldest church in Sofia. From the outside it may not look like much, but David got the chance to head underneath the church to check out the preserved Roman necropolis.


3. History Lovers Haven

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How did the landscape form?

If you wish to climb the Christoffel mountain (350 meters/ 1,150 feet) you should arrive quite early in the afternoon. From the top you will enjoy the views of Curacao. The park opens at 7:30 am on weekdays and 6 am on weekends. Because it could get hot in the early afternoon you should start your climb no later then 11 am. There are eight hiking trails, a few are easy and many others are really challenging! Don’t forget to bring a lot of walking and water shoes. You can have a jeep, mountain bike or even go horseback riding if you do not wish to hike!


Visit the Schönbrunn Palace

It would be a shame to visit Swaziland and not see the country’s top traditional song and dance show. The Mantenga Cultural Village, located in a lush setting in the Mantenga Falls Nature Reserve, gives visitors the incredible opportunity to enjoy traditional harmonies and energetic dances. When the show is over, you’ll get to tour a reconstruction of a Swazi hut village from the 1850s. Local guides are available to take you through each of the huts and offer information on traditional diet, customs, and family structure. The Mantenga Waterfall is about a ten-minute walk from the village. The reserve has a great restaurant/pub on site serving local and international food, and a lodge if you want to stay the night. 90 South African Rand (ZAR) buys you entrance to the performance and a guided tour of the hut village and to the waterfall.

Take a Carriage Ride

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