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Many people thing Iceland is super expensive to travel, but I don’t think they realise, all the best things to do there are free! ?The Golden Circle is a fabulous route to see a pinch of what Iceland has to offer. And best of all you can drive it yourself! We also recommend people to do their own touring in Iceland as tours with companies can be quite pricey.

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Immediately across the street from the store selling the jianbing is just another Chinese-style pancake. This one isn’t a crepe–it seems much like sausage in America, it’s super crispy and can be filled with delicious, green scallions, except.

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Tipping: Tipping is not customary in the Faroe Islands, but it is becoming more widespread in restaurants, cafes, bars, and taxis


5. Muros

The main town of the parish is also named Sant Julià de Lòria, which rests at the lowest altitude, 2,979 feet, of any permanent settlement in the country. Since it is located along the southern border with Spain, it is often the first stop for backpackers.


See the Barzan Towers

It was converted into a mosque in the 15th century during the Ottoman period before being reconstructed in the 16th century and turned back into a church. A visit to St. Clement Church will reveal medieval frescos, early Christian mosaics, and Byzantine-style architecture that is common throughout the Balkans.

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If you think it’s weird to have a tattoo parlor and piercing studio featured, then you’re not getting the Coconut Grove vibe. The neighborhood is known for embracing a diverse community of people. Grove Ink has been (literally) adding color to the Grove for over five years. It is fully custom tattoo shop with customers who fly in from around the world.

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Jewelry – it is a known fact that Istanbul is the home of European gold jewelry, many of the jewelry shops being located inside the famous Grand Bazaar;

See the Roman Wall at Michaelerplatz

David’s Been Here presents a video to Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park, where David pays a visit to the famous El Avion Restaurant. Based on top of a large hill inside the park, this restaurant is most famous for having a giant cargo plane inside- however, the food at El Avion is worth the trek as well. Learn the history and logistics of how exactly this plane got here, and visit El Avion for some great food, amazing views, and a truly unique atmosphere. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse


Loire Valley Castles

The three-towered Marina Bay Sands Hotel is easily the most iconic building in Singapore and one of the most recognizable buildings in Asia. Resting atop the three towers, fifty-seven stories above the bustling streets of Singapore, is the world’s largest and most famous infinity pool.


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Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Tibet all seem to surprise people. Afghanistan and my first trip to Tibet were just for fun as a tourist curious about places that Westerners don’t spend a lot of time traveling. Eritrea and Tibet round two were both to work on guidebook chapters for Lonely Planet; both challenging but rewarding experiences and well off the traditional tourist stomping ground of their respective regions.

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Santorini has some of the most unique geographical characteristics of any other island in the world – it was literally formed by a series of catastrophic volcanic explosions over the course of thousands of years. The result is a wonderland of steep cliffs, ebony volcanic rocks and mesmerizing ocean views.