Your recent Facebook campaign video about traveling the world went viral. How do you manage to sustain a life of travel?

Guests can choose to sit indoors or out in the flower garden overlooking the island. Lofaki’s menu features signature cocktails, grilled meats, and zesty salads. Service is friendly and efficient and the vibe is family friendly. Lofaki is a great value for the money and can easily accommodate large groups.


What are some challenges you’ve faced with a career in travel journalism?

Definitely take the chance to catch something to eat in your stop. You are going to need something in your gut to soak up the beer! I suggest moving with pork dumplings and all the boiled cabbage. Construct a dipping sauce from the rice vinegar, soy sauce, go to town on them, and minced garlic, and chili sauce, dried yoghurt. The sauce does not feel at first, but it strikes on you !

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Give us your ‘Top 5’ list for one of the above destinations, like a mini-guide or to-do list of sorts.

A lot times in life when most people are going left I am going right. I am not always looking to totally reinvent the wheel, but always looking to be different. It’s hard for people to see you in the marketplace if you blend in with everyone else.


Dine on Turkish Cuisine in Istanbul

We now head southeast to Felix Romuliana in the town of Gamzigrad, Serbia. We take a quick tour of and visit some of the highlights of this amazing archaeological park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace of Felix Romuliana was commissioned in the late third/ early fourth century by Emperor Caius Valerius Galerius Maximianus, or Emperor Galerius for short. He built it to commemorate his retirement from the throne and named it after his mother Romula. It is a sprawling compound spread across 10 acres.


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While smaller than the state of Massachusetts, El Salvador condenses a brilliant amount within its borders. Framed Guatemala, Honduras, and from the Pacific, guests will soon probably have everything into incredible wildlife, cascading waterfalls, and Volcanic collapses to explore. Timing can be the most difficult aspect when it comes to seeing. The rainy season (May to October) provides lush beauty, warmer temperatures, and nature in its finest… while the rainy season boasts the perfect weather to the beach. Between the food, people, culture, natural and manmade marvels nevertheless, El Salvador will not disappoint… regardless of when you visit!