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The trip included plenty of culture, nature, gastronomy, and sightseeing, and I think it was the perfect introduction to Southeast Asia. During my trip I snapped several hundred images on my i-Phone. Here are my top 100 Instagram photos! I hope they give you a “taste” of how amazing Thailand is.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Make sure you stop to try a Indian dish which has made its way to the bustling street food markets of Mumbai, Dahi Kachori as you wind your way through the hundreds of people enjoying food on Juhu Beach. This dish consists of a dough of maida flour and ghee, which is stuffed with a filling composed of yellow moong dal, gram flour, ginger, green chilies, coriander powder, and garam masala, cloves, cumin seeds, and much more until it’s deep-fried in petroleum.


We headed to dinner where we had a meal with wine pairing, After we completed preparing the food. We tried amazing wines from all over the world but also had the chance to try out some local beers!


Where is the most exotic place(s) your career has taken you?

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Stroll Širok Sokak Street

A visit to Johri Bazaar is a must for travellers searching for some of the finer things Jaipur offers. This lively and crowded shopping marketplace is very well-known for ornaments which could be bought from lots of the vendors who operate the stalls together with its own labyrinthine alleyways and the beautiful Rajasthani jewelry.

Stop by the Gellert Baths

Typical Thai coconut dessert wrapped in banana leaves