Visit the Basilica for Spectacular Views

In a cloudy day , you can see wide and far; on a transparent day ; you will feel as though you are floating in the oceans. You might be a little reluctant In case you have a fear of heights, but it’s perfectly safe and never find through all around. You’ll get great views of the town and on a transparent day and a great deal of photo opportunities.

Name your top three destinations (one historic, one gastronomic, and one picturesque)

For city breaks such as the aforementioned Barcelona apartments in Lugaris are brilliant in terms of getting around and things to do. Barcelona is one of the world’s greatest cities with a unique culture and way of life.  The issue here, however, will be your competition. If you do not have a standout feature you will have to come up with very good reasons for a renter to use your apartment and you may have to take a hit on rental income so you do not make a loss.


International Folklore Festival Burgas

Always double and triple check the email before sending it out. You never want to have the wrong date, director’s name, or hotel. I learned the hard way when someone wrote back, “We would love to feature you but we are not located in Casablanca, we are located in Marrakech.” Fortunately, that hotel confirmed and it still worked out, but I would hate to go through that again. It is embarrassing and supremely unprofessional to mix up basic information like names.

Fort Lauderdale

The top destinations on my travel bucket list are Cuba, India, Nepal, Peru, and Brazil.

Si Sa Ket Durian Festival

Aqueducto Los Milagros, or Aqueduct of the Miracles, is an extraordinary example of Roman masterwork. This 6-mile (10 km) structure was built to supply Emerita Augusta with water collected from the Proserpina cistern located just 3 miles (5 km) from the city. The water traveled along the aqueduct and collected in a large square tank called castellum aquae. With a complex scheme of arches designed to account for natural ground elevations, the aqueduct still stands as a testament to ancient hydraulic engineering. Nowadays the arches are home to dozens of nesting storks. For incredible pictures of the site, visit an hour before dusk.


Rose Festival in Kazanlak

Have you been to Bosnia and Herzegovina?What would be your favourite areas to see? Leave us a comment below!


1. Learn how to compose a great photo.

David’s Been Here is in La Fortuna, Costa Rica in search of the area’s best meals and restaurants. Here David enjoys a meal at Los Nenes Restaurant, a local eatery that supposedly serves up the best steaks in all of La Fortuna. Join David as he gives the steak and Ceviche a try to see if they live up to their fame. From the delicious sauce to the spice, David gives it two thumbs up. Head to this La Fortuna favorite yourself to try the area’s best steak. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse