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Breathe easy since the action of Arenal Volcano has declined within the previous three years if you are worried that this gigantic mountain could explode. It’s not uncommon, however, to capture glimpses of this smoking by the top and it is thought of as among the most active volcanoes on earth. La Fortuna has a great deal of geothermal activity, allowing for the occurrence of its hot springs and landscapes. The presence of the volcano is only one sign of this warmth this town is currently packing!


Humour Carnival in Gabrovo

Lions Head is a 2,200 foot mountain in between Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. There is only one way up and that is by hiking. It takes around 90 minutes and they say the views from up there are incredible, now lets start our hike!

Reasons Behind the Price Drop

Best cocktails: Alquimico Bar – the drinks here are handcrafted perfection


Wild Food Dinners

For the past 80 years, El Mosquito has enjoyed fanfare amongst locals and international food critics alike for its delectable Galician cuisine in an upscale ambiance. El Mosquito still serves its signature tapas, but has moved on to include a variety of dishes like mussels, empanadas, steaks, fish filets and, home style desserts.


5. Plan your transportation.

Next time you find yourself in Delhi definitely book a tour with my friends at Delhi Food Walks: Have you eaten Indian Street Food in Old Delhi before? Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite dish!


Try Kebabs at Bademiya

Should you be on a first Friday of the month, go check out the vintage American automobiles on display. Nobody looks certain how this monthly event got started but anybody who enjoys cars may delight in walking through these beauties.

Proceed into a Muay Thai Fight

The waterfall was approximately 30 meters high and splashes about the stones and is worth the trek. We turned around to visit the waterfall! It would take us 45 minutes to return, and another 30 minutes. If it was not for the rope the trek up would be dangerous. We stopped for some water and to catch our breath.

1000 Bulgarian Folk Costumes in One Place, Razlog

In the 16th century a castle and a convent were erected atop the remains of the old Celtic castro. City walls were constructed to protect the town from invaders. This spawned the name of the town, which comes from the Latin phrase Mons Fortis, meaning “strong hill.” Monforte de Lemos enjoyed centuries of prosperity thanks to its wealthy counts who poured money into public buildings and local commerce.